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Thursday , 18 July 2024
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SR970 Máy in nhãn đa lớp Qwerty Tepra, 4~36mm, Kết nối PC Win, Mac, USB

SR970 Máy in nhãn đa lớp Qwerty Tepra, 4~36mm, Kết nối PC Win, Mac, USB

Máy In Nhãn Đa Lớp Bàn Phím Qwerty Tepra SR970, 4~36mm, Kết Nối Win, Mac, USB

  • Kích thước nhãn in từ 4, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36mm
  • Bàn phím Qwerty
  • Sử dụng cả nguồn 220VAC và nguồn pin
  • Kết nối máy tính PC: Thiết kế form mẫu trên máy tính và in
  • Chế độ cắt: Cắt toàn phần và cắt 1/2
  • Chế độ cắt bo tròn góc
Part number SR970 Design form 136 species
Special form 11 kinds (business forms)
Body color Solid gray Print History Ten
Size About 195 (W) × 238 (D) × 91 (H) mm Copy and Paste
mass About 1,190G Continuous printing ( “profane 2 “) Up to 100 sheets (automatically individually cut)
(excluding battery tape)
Input method JIS keyboard array formula Large print ( “big 2 “) 2 to 4 times (partial printable)
(Kaname Kuri method)
display 15 characters × 5 lines Font size 13 steps
backlit LCD
Printing method Thermal transfer printing method PRO Built-in font Chinese characters 11 typeface
Head configuration Thermal head (360dpi · 384dot) Wonder 15 typeface
Maximum printable width 27.1mm (at the 36mm wide tape used) Alphanumeric 19 typeface
“Mie 2 ” function 3-stage switching Outer frame 136 species
(including sign outer frame cut label)
Direct key Aspect-font, character size, outer frame Omotekumi 14 species (including cut label)
Home key Background pattern 15 species (character background pattern, including creative background pattern)
Label width P-TAPE standard 4-6-9-12-18-24-36 mm , cut label Decoration Ornament shaped / 19 species, expansion and contraction / five enclose network / eight
Kanji conversion method ATOK (learning function with continuous phrase conversion and predictive input) Margin 6 stage
The number of idioms About 137,000 words (can be added) Character gap 4 stage alphanumeric proportional system
Built-in number of characters 8,050 characters Allocation Four
JIS first / 2,965 characters
JIS second / 3,390 characters
Kana-alphanumeric characters, symbols, etc.
Sentence memory About 500 characters Fixed-length Print 1 ~ 95cm
Built-in file About 10,000 characters / up to 100 files (except business forms-cut label form) Bar code two-dimensional code 8 standard (including QR code)
Athena registration About 10,000 characters / up to 100 Non-standard-size foreign language 821 words Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified), and Korean
Name registration About 1,120 characters / up to 40 items Cutter Half-cut function with auto-cutter
Of file backup Built-in flash memory Trimmer Auto trimmer (corresponding to 9 ~ 36mm wide tape)
External character registration 10 characters Power supply AC adapter
AA alkaline batteries × 6 this
(sold separately)
AA-size nickel-metal hydride batteries × 6 (not included)
The number of printed lines 1 to 13 lines PC connection USB2.0 / 1.1 cable AB type
Font Outline font Bundled items AC adapter (AS1527J), PRO trial tape, head cleaning tape (SR36C), transcription stick

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